Guide to Using Public Transportation System

A public transport is a shared passenger service which is used to go from one location to another. This is quite different from a taxicab, hired buses and even carpooling which are not shared by strangers. A public transport system available in a city consists of airlines, buses, trams, trains, metro and ferries; out of which airlines and intercity rails are more common for travelling between cities. This system links a city from end to end, hence a guide to public transportation system is necessary to move around.

These public transportation system runs on a scheduled time-table and do not wait for anyone. The biggest advantage of using a public transportation is the fare. Compared to using a car, a public transport is a cheaper and faster option. The rates depend on only two things – the mode of transportation and the distance travelled.

Here is a guide to public transportation system available in most parts of the world:

Buses - Buses carry numerous passengers on shorter journeys and are known to go through roads which are not suitable for any other public transportation system. As compared to trams, trains and metros; buses operate with less capacity. They are mostly used in smaller cities and towns as well as in rural areas like a shuttle service. Recently most cities have started a Rapid Transit system for buses which will provide a dedicated path for buses.

Train - Trains are of two types, one is a passenger train which runs for a long distance, is less frequent and has a high capacity and the other is a commuter rail, which runs in cities with high frequency and stops at major stations. Trains are considered to be the fastest mode of public transportation system due to a dedicated rail network provided to it, which does not clash with any other transportation system.

Tram - Trams are light rail vehicles with a higher capacity then bus but has to run only on rails and wires.

Metro - Metros are similar to train with the only difference being the place where it runs. Due to lack of space in city, this transportation system is laid underground, thus ensuring that this service is unhindered in spite of being right in the city.

Ferry - For cities which are near a water body like a river or sea, ferry (boat or ship) is one of a fastest available public transportation system. It provides direct transit between hubs or stations. Ferries are able to surpass the traffic found on roads and allow people to reach early and even on time.

These are some of the most commonly found public transportation system available in most of the major cities. The way these transportation systems are used depends on the authorities and the people using them.



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